Sundries + Such
December 23rd, 2008:


Hey, yesterdays post reminded me of this phenomenon.

I don’t think that I've ever linked to it on the site before. But I might have!

A snippet:

"“My Indian name,” Mr. Michaelis told me, “is Lonely Man.”

A few months ago the director of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon, Tex., told me in passing how his museum was frequently overrun by visiting Germans, so the curious German obsession with the Wild West " which newly arrived Americans repeatedly discover to predictable eye-rolling from Germans, for whom it’s hardly news " was not exactly unknown to me. Still, the extent of it is a little astonishing.

At powwows " there are dozens every year " thousands of Germans with an American Indian fetish drink firewater, wear turquoise jewelry and run around Baden-Württemberg or Schleswig-Holstein dressed as Comanches and Apaches. There are clubs, magazines, trading cards, school curriculums, stupendously popular German-made Wild West films and outdoor theaters, including one high in the sandstone cliffs above the tiny medieval fortress town of Rathen, in Saxony, where cowboys fight Indians on horseback."

Fascinating, no?

"“My Indian name,” Mr. Michaelis told me, “is Poster Child.”